5 Technology Trends You Need to Know to Work in Any Field

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Are you ready for this decade? Make sure you are abreast of these technology trends because these skills will stand you in good stead no matter which industry you work in. You will have heard of terms like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Internet of Things, and Machine Learning, but you need to know what these are all about to stay ahead of the race. You will find that each of these technology trends has much to contribute in various fields like healthcare, banking, medicine, finance, education, etc.

5 top tech trends that you need to know about:

  1. Internet of Things: This has to be the first and the biggest trend that you must make yourself familiar with. This concept believes that all devices can be interconnected to produce the perfect sync between the virtual and physical worlds. Using this data, businesses hope to improve customer experiences and marketing campaigns. So, the Internet of Things could be a godsend for people working in advertising, marketing and business relations, since it will offer them incredible insights into customer behaviour through tracking buyer interactions with smart devices.
  2. Touch Commerce: The convenience of getting any work done simply with the touch of your finger can be a great driving force behind eCommerce. Touchscreen technology is by far one of the leading groundbreaking technologies that have completely revamped the way we do business. Consumers are now shopping with ease, on-the-go, through their smartphones. Whether it is furniture, jewellery or apparels, customers can simply tap to buy.
  3. Cognitive Technology: This is similar to machine learning in that it includes speech recognition and natural language processing or NLP. Used together, these two distinct technologies can optimise many tasks and automate these, even complex jobs in accounting or analytics. The software industry is going to be hugely affected by this new trend. For companies that are looking to expand in this decade, automated data analysis can offer them a big advantage.
  4. Machine Learning: This refers to a computer’s potential to learn by itself through data tracking and analysis. For instance, social networking sites use this technology to get an insight into what customers prefer; they will track and analyze your likes, comments, or shares to find out what you want and then serve you customized content. Not only can you benefit from this technology that helps you enjoy better interactions with your friends, you can also do better business with your clients. So, companies such as Amazon are using this in a huge way to cater to customer needs and preferences better.
  5. Cryptocurrency: Very simply put cryptocurrency or “Crypto” is a decentralised currency system where you can pay individuals directly without any intermediaries such as banks and such. You can make use of automated trading apps to execute the crypto trading; visit kryptoszene.de to learn more. How it works is quite complex but all you need to know is more and more eCommerce companies online are accepting Crypto such a Bitcoin (one example) as a payment method. If you do work in the online eCommerce space may be a great way to open up a new field of customers. The easiest way for your customers and yourselves to buy Crypto in the first place is through PayPal. However, many Bitcoin providers don’t allow this yet so you’ll need to look at exchanges that support PayPal and buy your Cryptocurrency via PayPal from a reputable source that doesn’t charge exorbitant fees.